Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Yorkers Restreeted.

Words and phrases buzzed round my head as i placed my magnets along 14th Street.

Does anyone else think while

roaming New York:

what the hell is this stuff

and who buys it?


It had been a long road to get to this point and...... a heavy night. I'd taken 75 tweets from New York residents and along with a drawn bird, turned them into magnetic vignettes. Their thoughts still resonated...

I was embarassed

and I didnt want it to lead to

other embarassing things.


It was quick and effortless. Between The Highline and 9th Ave it is adorned with metalllic surfaces. I put out all 150 magnets and photographed every one.

What is the etiquette

for when your ex-BF calls you to ask where in NYC

would be a good place to send

his new GF shopping


When you're out there you realise how little personal content exists on the street. Apart from names like Stella McCartney, where are people heard? I'm a quiet man and a good listener and I wanted to change that. Maybe New Yorkers get a bad press for being unapproachable but I have found the opposite. Twitter made it possible to hear them.

They got on the bus together

that was unexpected.

I was sure they already said goodbye

but then he offered to walk her to the bus stop.


As if to reinforce my postive suspiscions about NY, I was taken under the wing of @mikedirubbo, the first tweeter i featured on this project 6 months ago. I will never forget the experience. Thank you.

Alban Low

My heart

bleeds no more.


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