Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Miraculous Artist, Carolina Mayorga, shares her Art in Odd Places festival experience

Most people like the Miraculous Artist and the Mobiraculous, like the guy in the photo who sat on it and checked out all its parts. Others thought it wasn't strong enough to hold them but it proved them wrong, some guy even asked if it was "a magic chair" and others were really offended by it, read carefully, not by the Miraculous Artist but her chair: As I was walking along, a guy approached me and asked rudely and repeatedly what was the chair for, I responded I sat on it, we handed him a flyer with the information of the festival which he decided to throw back at me while saying we should leave and didn't belong there.  Thankfully he threw it back as I was already walking away so everything was cool, just wondering what was so offensive about the cart and not my big Miraculous Heart shirt, etc... and after all he's right the Miraculous Artist belongs in Heaven as she's temporarily visiting the terrestrial realms of NYC-14th street. Just want to share some stories/reactions and some pix,


Art in Odd Places 2011 artists, Nobu and Carolina

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