Monday, October 17, 2011

LuLu LoLo as “The Gentleman of 14th Street” in “A Tip of the Hat on 14th Street”

As I strolled up and down 14th Street—in my top hat, white tie, and tails—tipping my hat and greeting the passersby on 14th Street—I was taken aback by the response of the public—this simple gesture of humanity to them—really touched them to the core—they returned a nod, a smile, a thank you—even though they were absorbed in their tech world of communication—for a moment the human exchange replaced the tech exchange. We all connected on 14th Street. On Saturday, Oct. 8th I tipped my hat to and/or exchanged a greeting with 1,074 passersby. Thanks to you all for your artistic support—I enjoyed interacting with all of the artists and staff of Art In Odd Places.

I tip my hat to each one of you.


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