Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sustainability and Public Art?

Our last entry was about James Kuntler's take on the importance of public spaces in defining our community. Following this line of thought, today's entry offers the importance of sustainability in creating a public space. With Art in Odd places' "Call For Artists" announcement just around the corner, it is important to begin a discourse on how we use public art in sending a strong message.

A touchy (and perhaps, trendy) issue nowadays is the Green Movement. Words such as "carbon footprint" and "recycling"are thrown around to stress the impact of our actions to the environment. The movement has made great strides in putting the message across with the "green" label. However, it does raise the question whether words are enough to make a difference?

Luckily, a group based in Canada STEPS, or Sustainable Thinking and Expression and Public Space, understands the need to address issues surrounding sustainability. Their mission is to "engage public space enthusiasts in a collaborative effort to promote sustainable and community-centered public spaces by using art as a medium for dialogue on liberating the urban commons."

The beauty of this group lies not only in its principles, but the understanding the power of collaboration . From community health organization to urban health research centers, STEPS work with different groups to encourage people to use their space as hubs in addressing issues about the environment. It is a form of activism that is more than just a "writing on the wall". Now we can see how art expression can be a strong form of action, that can turn into legislation.

For more information about this group and on how to get involved, visit their website.

With this year's AiOP theme "Chance", we hope to see projects taking chances in sending messages that create dialogue for change. Remember our mission: public space is an "epicenter for diverse social interaction and the unfettered exchange of idea".

The STEPS initiative is just one of the group making this world (or public space) a better a place, and the world (or public space) needs to see more them.


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Sunday, March 21, 2010

James Howard Kunstler 's take on public space worth caring about

Does culture define public spaces or is it the other way around? In the age of Super Walmart and Costco, what do those structures say about the way people define public spaces? James Howard Kunstler offers his view on those questions in time of urban sprawl. Watch the video below and let us know what we think


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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Greetings everyone!

Arts in Odd Places 2010 is in full swing preparing for its festival this October. The theme for this year's festival is:

"CHANCE: Proposition. Luck. Randomness. Risk. Opportunity"

We can't wait to see the submitted artist(s) projects. Please visit our blog for up to date information and artist's profiles.

Here is what's cooking:

a) Announcement of AiOP 2010: CHANCE curators
Currently, Arts in odd places is finalizing the selection of this year's curators. Announcements are coming soon, and we can't wait to introduce them!

b) Call for Artists
- Mark your calendars, everyone!! The call for artist(s)' proposals will post April 1, 2010. Check here for more details.

c) Follow AiOP
There are several ways to follow us:

1) Twitter
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3) Join our mailing list:
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What is AiOP?
Arts in a Odd Place (or AiOP) is an annual festival exploring the odd, ordinary and
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