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Festival of Ideas for the New City - May 4-8, 2011


WHO:   Art in Odd Places at the Festival Of Ideas for a New City presented by the New Museum.

WHAT:  An innovative, minimal-waste, outdoor StreetFest takes place along the Bowery. 100+ local grassroots organizations and small businesses present model products and practices in a unique outdoor environment.

WHEN:  Saturday, May 7th, 11 a.m to 7 p.m.

WHERE:  Rivington Street at the corner of  Chrystie Street in Sarah D. Roosevelt Park, Manhattan, New York City.

Vinh Cam, AiOP PR/Marketing Director 259-0311

Ed Woodham, AiOP 350-4242

Festival video

Come join us on Saturday, May 7th11am - 7pm at theFestival of Ideas for the New City, presented by the New Museum.

AiOP is pleased to be part of this major new collaborative initiative in New York involving scores of Downtown organizations working together to harness the power of the creative community to imagine the future city and explore ideas that will shape it. Our booth will be on Rivington Street at the corner of  Chrystie Street in Sarah D. Roosevelt Park

During the day we will also be presenting a representation of pastAiOP interventions and a few new ones throughout the festival area. The new catalogue of Art in Odd Places: SIGN will be on display. Richly photographed, it features over 60 artists who created maps, sound walks, installations, performances, campaigns, stickers and posters as part of AiOP 2009.

Below is a list of the performances and installations featured:

-BroLab: PEER REVIEW, installation
This project takes place simultaneously in both Sarah Roosevelt Park and the Hotel Rivington, linking the two locations through a line of sight and an ongoing discourse on public art. A live feed from the hotel and video from past interventions will be on view in the AiOP Tent where a volunteer will be available to schedule meetings with the BroLab Collective.

-Aaron Cedolia: FREE TENNIS NYC, performance next to tent
Bringing participation via tennis to surprising locales in and around the city.

-Concerned New Yorkers: CONCERNED NEW YORKERS, display in tent
Real New Yorkers want Real Change. This collective displays artifacts of their ephemeral urban interventions over the last twoyears. Including their newest intervention, ‘Your Favorite Place’, a multimedia social experiment that allows the city's visitors and residents share stories, tips and comments about our beloved metropolis.

-Heather Dewey-Hagborg and Thomas Dexter: HYDROPHONY, sound performance in tent
Hydrophony will extract underwater sounds from the rivers that cap 14th Street, and will broadcast them live on site reminding New Yorkers that these waters are alive.

-Nicholas Fraser: UNFIXED/UNFIXABLE, installation
Texts of ash will be installed on the paths around the AiOP tent. Derived from observations of common and fleeting moments on the street, each 'drawing' disintegrates quickly under the rush of ongoing urban life, echoing the temporal and transitory nature of the moments documented and the sites utilized.

-LuLu LoLo: “EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT 14th STREET”, performance
In knickers and cap like a newsboy of turn of the century vintage, LuLu LoLo as "14th Street NewsBoy" will hawk a weekly tabloid,The Fourteenth Street Tribune that recalls famous, notorious and tumultuous events from the history of 14th Street.

-Irvin Morazan: TAXI!! TAXi!! TAXI!!, performance
Morazanattempts to hail a cab while wearing an unwieldy Mayan-inspired headdress and eating a gigantic bag of Cheese Doodles.

In wearable sculptures of multicolored crocheted camouflage, Olek’s performers appear in various sites, displaying signs from different countries collected by her that are in emphatic, ironic or amused dialogue with their location.

-Jamie O’Shea: TEMPORARY TERRITORIES, performance
The Vertical Bed allows its user to fall asleep in a standing position. Jamie O'Shea will be demonstrating this device, slumbering upright. Look for a man in a black suit standing very still, with a metal briefcase attached to his side. The assembly and disassembly of the Bed apparatus, which fits in the accompanying briefcase, can be viewed at the beginning and end of each nap.

-Edith Raw: WHITE TRASH, performance
The artist walks, stands still, cavorts, rolls around, and lies on the sidewalk in a costume made of trash.

-aricoco (Ari Tabei): SWEEPING, performance
Tabei sweeps with a broom in a quiet shamanic ritual to cleanse and purify herself and her surroundings.

-Tim Thyzel: PORTABLE FOUNTAINS, installation in tent
In a fanciful transformation of the useless and ordinary, Thyzel converts everyday objects and materials found in New York City streets into site-specific water fountains.

-Gretchen Vitamvas: DAZZLE CAMOUFLAGE, performance
This series of costume pieces uses dazzle camouflage to disrupt eccentric or exaggerated body silhouettes, both hiding and drawing attention to the figure.

-Andrew Demirjian: SCENES FROM LAST WEEK: 14th STREET, promotion of upcoming event in tent
This intervention is scheduled to take place July 15-August 8 on 14th Street. Two video monitors and cameras are placed in storefronts across the street from each other (218 W14th St &  225 W14th St) however, instead of showing the current moment the monitors display what was happening yesterday at the exact same time.

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