Sunday, May 15, 2011

Art in Odd Places in the Press

Read all about Art in Odd Places in the news during the Festival of Ideas NYC ...

Time Out New York

If you’re looking for a design smorgasbord
There’s no way to see everything at this massive street fair, featuring projects from more than 100 artists and collectives (including Broadcastr, Art in Odd Places  (Read more)

Being in Public
StreetFest Success

Last weekend hundreds of organizations participated in The New Museum’s Festival of Ideas- StreetFest, turning the Lower East Side into a dynamic platform for artists, architects,  (Read more ...)


Art in Odd Places

If you didn’t make it to this weekend’s excellent Festival of ideas for the New City, you’ll have another chance to see the group Art in Odd Places during their annual “ritual” this October.  (Read more ...)

Inhabitat New York City

PHOTOS: The Festival of Ideas...

StreetFest extended into Sarah D. Roosevelt Park where Art in Odd places displayed some odd art in public places. One woman, who could only be described as the Trash Queen, wore a gown create from refuse and proudly strolled along Chrystie Street. (Read more ...)

NYC Arts

Gretchen Vitamvas

Boris Rasin from Concerned New Yorkers

The Gothamist

This past week, we took a look at five architects' futuristic renderings of NYC in the year 2030, which included quite a lot of algae. The project is part of the Festival Of Ideas For The New City, (Read more ...)

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