Thursday, October 14, 2010

Linda Hesh sharing her Art in Odd Places 2010 Experience

My “Chance Meeting Doorknob Hangers” are definitely causing various reactions on the street. I've been blessed, cursed, thanked and questioned.  I have spoken to kids at a Latino community center, Korean manicurists, an Italian tailor, a Middle Eastern barber – a full range of ages and backgrounds. These pieces of paper have inspired everything from “Praise Jesus!” to “You can't do that here!”   I love leaving these little bits of art along the street to for people to find whether I get an immediate reaction or leave it for the future.

Photo courtesy Linda Hesh

This project has had one unexpected result. I didn't really think about what would come of me looking so carefully at every single door as I accessed whether it could accommodate a doorknob hanger.  It's a feeling like I “own” this street. Every building has been examined and I “know” every place on the entire length of the street. I have a close connection, almost like it's my home. 

Photo courtesy Linda Hesh

Photo courtesy Linda Hesh    
Thanks Linda! More artists reflecting on their experience coming soon.

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