Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Carrie Dashow, Art in Odd Places 2010: CHANCE artist, will give you external validation.

They say promises are meant to broken. During the Art in Odd Places Festival, you might want to rethink that remark because artist Carrie Dashow will hold you liable, by way of notary. Who is Carrie Dashow and why should you rethink promises you previously made? Well, here are the things you need to know about her:

I live in Brooklyn, I like odd numbers, threes and fives and not fours.
My favorite spots along 14th street are the ones with closing stores.
I love art in odd places,
I am a Public Notary, this means I am an official witness. My specialties are Oaths, Affirmations and Acknowledgments.
Photo courtesy of Carrie Dashow

I’m especially excited that through the ages, a covenant is meant to be spoken aloud, breaking the space between the speaker inside to out.
Hence it is a promise from one person not only to themselves but to outside themselves, a higher power, the world, etc.. legally this verbalization covers Oaths and somewhat affirmations. I cannot bind one to another, just that a person says it and that they with all intention, as far as I know, mean it. Within this country it is illegal to notarize oneself, everyone must go to another person for their validation. Yesiree attempts to reinstate your own memory that this isn’t so true, if you believe it, I’ll sign it. 
Photo courtesy of Carrie Dashow

In this piece “Yesiree the Public Notary and the Lottery of Good Oaths”,  you will select an historical oaths and make it your own, to be orated and officiated. As I am only a signer of sure intentions, please prepare to believe what you say, keep your uncertainty to yourself and carry valid identification. 
Photo courtesy of Carrie Dashow
Photo courtesy of Carrie Dashow

Sign, Sealed, Delivered! Consider yourself informed with Carrie's work. Of course, you have to catch her during the festival to fully understand her work. Get more information about Carrie by visiting her sites:


Performance location might subject to change, so always check the Art in Odd Places website and our Twitter (@ArtinOddPlaces to keep you updated.

So are you ready to make that promise? Don't forget to bring a valid form of identification and make your promises count during the festival (which is by the way, just around the corner)

Also, did you get the invitation for our Festival Opening? The invitation can be found here

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