Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sheryl Oring's typewriter is mightier than a sword

Our next Art in Odd Places 2010 artist will be gracing 14th Street armed with something you rarely see nowadays: a typewriter. AiOP 2010 artist , Sheryl Oring, wants to translate your thoughts into hand typed words, which could possibly be mightier than a sword. The beauty of her work lies not only on celebrating the lost art of the hand typed letter, but also allows an opportunity for introspection. Ms. Oring's recent projects touched (or we say typed?) upon important  topics such as the presidential election and immigration to create a space where people are encouraged to speak their mind. It was as if the the translation from voice to manually typewritten words offers a new level of expression: a beautiful gift transcribed in a postcard with ribbons (in this case, a black ink ribbon)

Ms Oring was kind enough to create a video to give us more information about her project for the festival.


You can learn more about Sheryl Oring's body of work by visiting www.iwishtosay.org

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