Saturday, September 25, 2010

An art for an art: Wall Street Bankers should listen to AiOP 2010 Heather Hart

Everybody loves a street fair, and 14th street is no stranger to such events. Art in Odd Places 2010 artist, Heather Hart will use the concept of street fair as inspiration with a little throw back to a long lost type of negotiation: a barter system. Imagine this: an even exchange of goods, which could be anything ranging from performances to art pieces, amongst a group of creative and business people. This might be the only type of trading that doesn't require bailout. Before you practice your bartering skills, let's get to know Heather Hart.

AiOP: Tell us about you / your group?

HH: The Heather Hart Experience creates interactive zones between territories where viewers may question and play.

AiOP: How is the preparation coming along for your piece this October?
HH: 26 "vendors" ready to barter... check. massage therapists, painters, bakers, soapmaker, and jewelers... check. post-apocalyptic shoulder pads, chaps and face painter... check a talk with god asking for a dry day... check visitors bringing their barter!.....???

Photo courtesy of Heather Hart

AiOP: What's your favorite spot on 14th street?
HH: The south side between Hudson and 9th Ave where I can sit and watch for pretty cars.

AiOP: Do you have a hidden talent you would like to share?
HH: Shapeshifting. shhhh.

AiOP: Any message to the people who will be in 14th street during the festival?
HH:Be sure to bring stuff to barter to the East End, be that objects or services or talent!!

AiOP: What should people expect from your project during the festival?
HH:"Bust a deal, face the wheel"

AiOP:What's your lucky number?
HH:"two men enter, one man leaves."

AiOP: Write a fortune that would appear in a fortune cookie. (To be tweeted to all of our followers during the festival)

Photo courtesy of Heather Hart

AiOP: Where do you live? (as in borough or city)

We have a shafeshifter, everyone! I am keeping an eye on that post-apocalyptic shoulder pad. What are you planning to barter?

Visit Heather's website for more information about her work: To find Heather along 14th street during the festival, refer to our website:

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