Thursday, June 17, 2010

Terry works Hard-y for the money (or arts)

AiOP is gearing up for this years festival! Remember to come out to SIDESHOW, June 22 at Theaterlab, our fundraiser for this year's festival! It promises to be an amazing night filled with freaks and carnies plus our talented artists will be there! Want to know about some of the artists from years past? Check out our blog for featured artists.

This week’s featured artist is Terry Hardy. Enjoy!

Terry, tell us about yourself?

I am painter, assemblage and installation artist. Born in Vernon, Alabama I have participated in more than 60 exhibitions. My interest in public/installation art continues to grow as my work becomes more autobiographical and delves deeper into my life long struggles with religion, relationships and sexuality. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia.

How was your Art in Odd Places experience?

I was in AiOP in 2005..."DRAW HERE" in the East Village. 2007...."HOWLING and other justifiable acts" at Lincoln Center and 2008...."GLITZ". on 14th Street. I really enjoyed these experiences. Every year was in a different part of town. 14th Street proved to be the most difficult as I spent a good deal of money producing this piece and flying up for the installation only to have the installation dismantled overnight by the NYC street cleaning crew before anyone ever saw it. Fortunately I did have photo documentation of the work.

What projects are you currently working on and where can people reach you?

I have an opening on May 22 at Eyedrum Art and Music Space in Atlanta. The installation is "SAVED". It is a closet installation that deals with religion and the closet as safe spiritual sanctuary or repressed religious refuge. There is a Facebook event group for this event. Just enter "SAVED" in the search box or go to This show runs through June 26.

Any final words?

Finally regarding AiOP, it is a great opportunity for experimentation....a lab of sorts. It amazes me how some projects, so obvious, are walked by daily and never noticed as we wade through life without really seeing our surroundings. Though that is part of the beauty of Odd Places and sometimes the even not so odd places.

Want to know more about Terry? You can contact him at!

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