Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Be a fan of Tattfoo

@ArtinOddPlaces recently tweeted about this artist.

Tattfoo, is a social sculpture artist. Often working with an audience, and combining art and life into one category, Tattfoo was the perfect combination for the AiOP 2009: SIGN festival. Tattfoo's work has been shown in various sites in New York sponsored by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Fashion Institute of Technology and The Center for Book Arts.

Tattfoo, tell us about yourself.

My art practice seeks to find an immediate, direct, and effective way of exploring issues related to the individual in society through which to collapse the categories of ‘art’ and ‘life’ into one. Through the employment of multiple forms of media and various platforms of presentation, I promotes group participation between myself and an ‘audience’. Within this collaborative practice both minds and bodies are engaged in actions that transform the making of art into a ritualized and shared experience. In keeping with the spirit of this transformative act, I prefers to develop projects that are ephemeral and conceptual in nature.

Tattfoo, walk us through your thought process in creating your piece for Art in Odd Places.

Mobile Garden is a discarded shopping cart retro fit into a mobile edible garden that can be lock to a sign post or be parade to engage the public. I have the opportunity with work with the curators and team up with other artists and make Mobile Garden more accessible and open, where anyone can recycle an object and make it into a mobile planter.

Any words of wisdom for artists who are interested in becoming part of this year's Art in Odd places festival?

Art in Odd Place is a great chance to work in the public realm. Sometimes these interaction will spark further ideas. So let loose, sometimes, one's project might not be as pristine or white wall as a gallery show, but the return of having interaction with the public is priceless.

What projects are you currently working on and where can people reach you?

I'm working toward the idea of making Mobile Garden into an art franchise, where people in other city can contact me and adopt the concept and repeat it again in their respective city.
Also in the pipeline is a new mobile garden in a cargo bicycle format, taking the advantage of bicycle lane in New York City and promoting bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation.

Where was your performance along 14th street?

From Union Square to Meat Packing district.

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