Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is not CSI: Brolab's "Autopsy"

This month, the group collectively known as Brolab , Art in Odd Places artists 2010, drove a 10 foot box truck as part of their public performance called "Autopsy. The project was part of Site Fest 2011 to explore the "notions of labor and resolution under the demands of pressure and time" by the mundane act of rotating tires. Such artistic undertaking was nothing new to this group: their last project, "Pump 14"  involved transferring water from the East River to Hudson, vice versa,  using yokes, pail and sheer manpower. How is that for exploring the ingenious of daily life?

See more of their work, visit their website

Also, Art in odd Places will be collaborating with  Parson's the New School  and Brolab's Adam Brent to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Manhattan Grid on April 1.  Brolab will "stage" another performance for the event. Rumor has it somebody from the Art in Odd Places will join them for their public performance. You don't want to miss that!

Everyone is invited! See information below.

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